Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Bookish Habits

This week's Top 5 Wednesday topic is bookish habits.

Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey, from gingerreadslainey, and it's a weekly meme where bloggers and vloggers can list their top 5 picks for that week's topic.  If you want to join in on the fun, please check out the Goodreads group.

I don't have too many bookish habits as I am not really a creature of habit.  However, there are a few things that I find myself often doing, so let's get into them, yes?

Number Five

Prepping book spines

I always prep the spine of the new books I buy.  I really don't like cracking the spine, neither the way it looks nor how it makes the binding loose faster.  Therefore, I either prep every shipment when it comes in or each book as I pick it up. 

Number Four

Bookstore browsing

Most of my books I buy online.  The bookstores on Guam are both poorly stocked and expensive, so it's very seldom that I will purchase from them.  However, this doesn't stop me from going in and browsing every time I pass by.  
My husband often ponders why I have to go in even when I know I'm not going to buy anything.  Yet, I can't dampen the impulse.  I love bookstores too much.

Number Three

Reading through the night

The majority of my reading is done during the night.  I have unusual sleeping patterns, as well as no downtime during the day, so I am usually unable to pick up leisure reading until after dinner.  I regularly read through the night, until around 4 am.  Staying up all night reading is never a triumph for me.

Number Two

Talking about every book I read (with people who haven't read it)

I think that most avid readers do this, and I do this to my husband all the time.  I will be reading a book that he hasn't read and has no intention of reading, and yet will discuss everything with him.  This mostly happens when I am really affected by it.  

I just want to be able to share my feelings with someone, but since no one around me has read the book, I just talk to whomever is around me at the time.  

Number One

Comparing the book to the movie

Some people argue against doing this.  "They are two different art forms." "The book wouldn't work as a film without those changes."  "They had to make all of those cuts; otherwise, the movie would be five hours long."  My response?  I will watch the five-hour long movie.

When I love a book, it becomes personal to me.  I can remember how it made me feel, what point of life I was in, how it affected me.  So, when a movie comes out that alters or removes portions of a story that I love, it feels like a betrayal.  I know that it's not personal, but I feel as if it is.

I understand that we're talking about two different story-telling mediums, and I appreciate it when a scriptwriter is discerning enough to keep the heart and main plot of a book while slimming it down.  But when themes, characters, important events, messages, etc are manipulated or removed, I get so angry.  

They make movies from books (especially popular books) knowing that there is a fanbase out there.  So why betray the fans and the original content?  I don't get it.  You don't add makeup to the Mona Lisa to make her more attractive.  

These are my top 5 bookish habits.  Can you relate to any of them?  What are some things you routinely do?  Tell me in the comments below.

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Happy reading!