Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Bout of Books 13: Wrap-Up

Bout of Books 13 is over, and I am already having withdrawals!  The next one is in August, so be sure to follow the Bout of Books blog in order to stay informed about sign-ups for that.

I had originally set goals for myself that I deemed completely reasonable given my schedule.  However, these did not account for Typhoon Dolphin, which hit Guam on Friday night.  My power and water were out until Sunday evening, and having to prepare for the typhoon, cope with the darkness, and then clean up afterward really cut into my reading time.  Hence, I did not achieve all of my goals; however, I am still pleased with what I did manage.

If you check out my mid-way update, you can see how I did Monday through Wednesday.


I spent all day Thursday running errands and preparing for the storm, so I didn't get any reading done that day.  I did find out, though, that a woman I've been chatting with through Twitter since Bout of Books 12 is connected to me in real life!  Even though she lives in Texas, and I live in Guam, my pastor's wife is our mutual friend.  Isn't that crazy?


The typhoon hit on Friday, complete with being shuttered into the house with the power out.  However, one blessing in the midst of the storm is the amount of family fellowship it induces.  We all sought out the one room in the house with the best ventilation and most seating.  My family is very busy, and we all lead separate lives, so I was blessed to be able to spend that time with them.

In the midst of the fellowship, though, I was able to read 180 pages in Francine River's A Voice in the Wind.  Before the power went out, I also completed the From Modern to Classic challenge.  


I was extremely restless very early Saturday morning because of how hot the house was, and I couldn't sleep at all.  So, armed with my book light, I read for about 5 hours straight and finished A Voice in the Wind.  I had never read any Christian historical fiction before, but I absolutely loved this.  A friend recommended it to me, describing it as a love story (which didn't appeal to me, honestly), but it is so much more than that, and I am grateful that I read it.  


Like Thursday, I got no reading done on Sunday.  Rather, I went to church and then fellowshipped for the rest of the day, not getting home until midnight.  Between you and me, I believe my time was better spent this way.

The Week in Numbers

Pages read: 889
Books finished: 4
Hours spent reading: 19.5
Challenges completed: 3

Though I didn't achieve my goals of reading 1,000 pages or devoting at least 2 hours a day to reading, I did finish 2 more books than I planned and complete my goal in challenges.  Additionally, I visited quite a few blogs, and, if you average out my total hours, I did achieve my daily reading goal.  That may be cheating, but I'm happy about it.

Now I just need to review all the books I finished!

How did your Bout of Books 13 go?  Did you achieve your goals?  Link me to your wrap-up in the comments.

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Happy reading!