Friday, January 9, 2015

Bout of Books 12: Progress - Day 3

I was doing so well the first two days, but things just slowed down on day three.  I had other demands upon my attention, so I wasn't able to finish any books.

I have, however, completed my goal of reading at least 1,000 pages this week!  I've also been able to spend at least two hours reading every day, so I am still satisfied with my progress.

Let's look at day three's stats:
  • Pages read: 178 (1,181 total)
  • Books finished: 0 (2 total)
  • Hours spent reading: 2 (16 total)
  • Challenges completed: 0 (1 total)
  • Blogs/Channels subscribe to: 0 (1 total)
How was your third day?  Did you hit a bump and slow down, like me?  Tell me below or on my Twitter.

Happy reading!