Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bout of Books 12: Progress - Day 6

My reading is really waning as the week comes to a close.  I didn't read at all on day 5, and only fared slightly better on day 6.

I decided to try and read as much Dracula as I can before Bout of Books ends.  Originally, my goal was to finish it, but I got wrapped up in The Mortal Instruments series and ended up reading the first three books.  Also, though it is an excellent book with gorgeous writing, Dracula is also very slow and not at all a book that I can just burn through.  It's been slow going.

I didn't read much since Saturday is my day to run errands and do household chores.  However, some reading is better than none, and I can't neglect my house for reading or my family will suffer.

I am glad that this read-a-thon started out at such a fast pace for me because it's making up for the lack of time these last few days.

Here are my day 6 numbers:

  • Pages read: 183
  • Books finished: 0
  • Hours spent reading: 2.6
  • Challenges completed: 0
  • Blogs/Channels subscribe to: 0 
I still have some major work as far as blog hopping goes, but my pages read goal has already been surpassed.

Now to find some bloggers!

How did your day 6 go?  Are you slowing down like I am or finishing strong?  Tell me in the comments below.

Happy reading!