Friday, June 12, 2015

Literary Love: 15 Favorite Bookish Feelings

Today I want to talk to you about some of my favorite book-related feelings or moments that bring about great feeling.

This post idea was originated by Ashley at climbthestacks, who was, in turn, inspired by a Hank Green video. So please check out their videos.

  1. The feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing a very difficult book, especially one of the classics. I felt this after finishing The Sound and the Fury.
  2. When you reread a book you loved when you were younger and find that now you love it for totally different reasons. This is how the Harry Potter series is for me now that I'm an adult. 
  3. The excitement that comes when your favorite author announces that he or she is writing a new book. There are several authors I love, but I always get excited to read a new Rowling book. 
  4. The joy you feel on the day the long-awaited next book in a series you love is released. I still remember waking up on the day of a new Harry Potter release. 
  5. When you walk into a bookstore and see one of your favorite lesser-known author's work on display. I've seen so much Murakami lately! I've been a fan for years, and, though he's highly acclaimed, or seems that now he's becoming popular. 
  6. When a friend recommends a book to you, and you love it. This just happened with A Voice in the Wind
  7. When you give a book you loved growing up to a child in your life, and they feel the same way about it that you did at their age. One of my students just read Little Women, and it was so much fun watching her experience or for the first time. 
  8. When a child crawls into your lap with a book they want you to read to them. This is one of my favorite parts of being in nursery on Sundays. 
  9. Coming across a book you read a long time ago and remembering everything about the time you were reading it. I often attach memories to books, so whenever I peruse my books, it's quite nostalgic. For example, On the Road, by Jack Kerouac, stirs up moments from my late teens and early twenties. 
  10. When a favorite book's movie adaptation is actually good. I really like the Pride and Prejudice adaptation with Kiera Knightley.
  11. That moment when you're reading a book and it makes you start to think about your own life and who you are. This is such a rare occurrence for me, but This Burns My Heart was the last book to do that. 
  12. When a book you were intimidated by ends up not being as difficult as you anticipated. I was scared to read The Age of Innocence and Madame Bovary, but neither were really as daunting as I expected. 
  13. That moment when all the questions in a book are answered and clarity comes, and you feel like you're finally realizing what you've been looking at the whole time. Brandon Sanderson's Mistborn trilogy did this so well, especially The Hero of Ages
  14.  When you're reading a book by an author you're already familiar with and you catch a reference or connection to another book you've read. Stephen King is well-known for this. 
  15. When you've finished a book but can't stop thinking about it weeks later. I read Absent a year ago and still think about it. 
Those are my 15 favorite bookish feelings or moments that evoke great feeling. What are some of yours? 

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Happy reading!