Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Top 5 Wednesday: Characters You Wish You Could Drown

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This week's topic is hilarious. We all know those characters who are beyond frustrating. They make you so angry that you just want to hold their nonexistent heads under water.

These are mine. 

Number Five

The Other Mother from Coraline

Her place on this list is not because I hate her but because she is unbelievably creepy. However, I have cause to doubt that even drowning would fail to get rid of her. 

Number Four 

Bella Swan from the Twilight Saga

I know that it's easy to hate on Twilight, but I had to include Bella on this list because of the huge influence she had on the YA genre as a whole. After her came a slew of weak female protagonists who only care about their boyfriends. Not only is she a horrible role model, but she is annoying in print and on screen. Bye bye, Bella. 

Number Three 

Percy Weasley from The Harry Potter Series

Obviously, Dolores Umbridge is the queen of this list. However, I decided to go for a less obvious choice and discuss another of my least favorite characters from the series. Percy is a self-important, blindingly ambitious, willfully ignorant man who turns his back on his own family for position. Though he comes around in the end, his belated repentance is not enough to change my opinion of him. I wouldn't necessarily drown him, but I would hold his head under water until he came to his senses. 

Number Two

Percy Wetmore from The Green Mile

This man is a true sadist and takes his evil desires out on the inmates of Cold Mountain Penitentiary. Yet, he's a coward who has to use his uncle's influence to gain anything in life. What makes me mad about him is that he's just as bad as the criminals he guards, yet he walks free. 

Number One

Humbert Humbert from Lolita

Humbert Humbert is perhaps my least favorite character ever. He is absolutely disgusting, and just reading about him made me feel polluted. 

Those are the top 5 characters I wish I could drown. Who made your list? Share in the comments below. 

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